Walt Disney World entrance

Strange how fate and kismet work, isn’t it?

Kara and Kyle Geiselman brought their children to Walt Disney World in October on an adventure to see the new Star Wars Land.

Little did they know they’d be embarking on another adventure.

In a Facebook post, Kara Geiselman is seeking help to find a couple they bumped into at WDW who gave their daughter Belle – yes, like Disney’s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ – a gold Mickey Mouse ring.

It happened when Belle accidentally bumped into the couple while following her father during a snack break.

“The couple stopped in their tracks and Kyle apologized to them for her carelessness. The woman then looked at her husband and asked Kyle if Belle liked gold. Confused Kyle said yes. She then asked if they could gift Belle something,” Kara wrote on Facebook.

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Kyle said of course, but there was a tearful backstory.

The couple told the Geiselman’s that they were at Disney for the one-year anniversary of their daughter’s Make-a-Wish trip. On their initial trip, they had bought two gold Mickey Mouse rings, one for their daughter and one to gift to a child who in their words, “was adorable like their little girl.”

“Moved beyond belief that they chose our daughter to memorialize their daughter with, Kyle was at a loss for words,” Kara wrote. “He wanted to tell them so much that he was sorry for their insurmountable loss and about our own little warrior but in the moment only ‘thank you’ came out. The fact that they choose Belle without knowing her struggles in life brings tears to my eyes.”

Indeed, Belle had her own difficulties and was a feeding tube for the first 18 months of her life. This trip was the first time had visited Disney without needing a feeding tube for nourishment or an oxygen mask on the flight.

“This little gold Mickey Mouse ring will forever be kept as a priceless gift and always cherished,” Kara wrote.

(Please share her Facebook post in the hopes the couple can be found. The family visited Disney in the last week of October.)