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Surprisingly or not, the human-digital bond now seems to be rivaling travelers’ desire for an interpersonal connection while on the road. ‘Buddymoons’ and ‘Babymoons’ had best make way for the so-called ‘Mobilemoon’, where your phone becomes your most valued companion.

Expedia’s very first Solo Travel Report has revealed that 60 percent of travelers plan to take a solo trip within the next two years; and, when forced to choose between going it alone with their mobile phone versus bringing a travel companion on their their next trip, fully one-third (33 percent) of the Americans surveyed said they would want to travel solo with just their device for company.

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Younger travelers (83 percent of Gen Z and 80 percent of Millennials) were especially drawn to the idea and, although less than 40 percent of survey respondents identified themselves as parents, 82 percent of them also said that they would prefer to travel alone.

It makes sense—smartphones are an invaluable resource for travelers, helping us to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, and feel more informed and confident about exploring our destination. Travel apps can help you manage your itinerary, research your locale, and keep in touch with family and friends while abroad. The pocket-friendly technology that’s available nowadays helps us better immerse ourselves in a new environment, as long as it’s used judiciously.

The advantages of carrying a mobile phone for personal travel complement the survey findings that solo travelers most often cite a desire to explore new places and meet new people, disconnect from work and everyday life, and achieve a sense of confidence and independence. Traveling alone pushes a person to interact with locals and engage with their destination, and offers the ultimate freedom and flexibility in deciding what you’d like to do during your stay.

Alexis Tiacoh, PR Manager for Brand Expedia, spoke to the trend, saying: “We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to solo travel preferences, but that doesn’t mean solo travelers can’t have it all in the one device they’re most reliant on during their trip.” Travelers can access exclusive local offers and discounts, and even book activities on the go using available mobile apps.

So, ask yourself if you might want to embrace the ‘Mobilemoon’ movement, and come away having had a uniquely introspective and highly personal adventure that’s all your own.

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