Mother with infant on airplane flight

We all know how frustrating sharing an airplane cabin with a screaming baby can be, but during a Frontier Airlines flight from Tyler, Texas, to Denver, Colorado this past Sunday, August 4, 2019, one tender-hearted flight attendant turned an exhausting situation into a marvelous moment of human connection.

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Passenger Jamie Applegate Hunter posted endearing photos of the flight attendant, Joel O Paris Castro, helping to soothe the squalling infant, holding and amusing the baby girl in order to give mom a moment’s reprieve.

“This flight attendant on Frontier Airlines from Tyler to Denver helped a mom calm her screaming baby, and it was PRECIOUS!!” Hunter wrote in a Facebook post, adding, “It’s the feel good story we need today.”

Hunter turned out to be right about that. The touching moment she shared with the world online soon went viral, having presently attained almost 5,000 Facebook-user reactions and over 1,300 “shares.”

Castro later posted the images to his own account, remarking, “Days like this make being a Flight attendant the most rewarding job ever!! She was a beauty hahahah. She just wanted to explore the plane!!”

He later told Fox News that he always endeavors to make everyone’s experience onboard safer and more fun. “When it came to the little girl, she looked like she just wanted to explore for a little while, and the mom looked like she could’ve used a well-deserved break, so I happily took the little girl from her hands and rocked her for a little while,” he said. “I’ve always thought it takes a village to raise children … And besides, I bet my mother could’ve used a couple of breaks when I was growing up,” he said.

Frontier Airlines also reached out to Fox News to comment on Castro’s selfless act, saying that it’s proud of the way employees are eager to help their passengers. “Frontier is known for being family-friendly airline, and we love that our team goes above and beyond to ensure everyone has an enjoyable flight,” said the airline.