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Frontier Airlines announced Monday it has introduced a new class of service designed to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable air travel, dubbed Green Class.

The low-cost carrier already boasts the industry’s most fuel-efficient fleet and a variety of additional eco-friendly features, with every seat on Frontier planes being upgraded to Green Class.

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Passengers flying with Frontier will be able to enjoy guaranteed overhead storage for carry-ons, a Wi-Fi-free environment to help unplug, Planet Priority designed seating, eco-friendly service items, personalized entertainment choices and more.

“Frontier is proud to introduce a new class of service for all of our customers, Green Class,” Frontier CEO Barry Biffle said in a statement. “Consumers are now looking for choices that align with the values they hold, and I am proud that Frontier is able to provide that choice for our valued passengers and empower them to make air travel a part of their personal sustainable choices.”

As part of Frontier’s efforts to become “America’s Greenest Airline,” the carrier now operates the largest A320neo fleet in the U.S., which on average is 39 percent more fuel-efficient than other airlines.

Frontier also plans to add compostable cold and hot cups, napkins made from recycled materials, bamboo stir sticks and tray tables custom-built for modern technology.