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During a meeting at the American Society of Travel Advisors’ (ASTA) annual global convention Monday, Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta addressed questions from travel agents and said no further sales commissions would be cut.

Nassetta spoke at the ASTA conference for the first time in his career with Hilton, highlighting strategies and long-term plans for the hospitality company, as well as the impact travel agents have on the industry.

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Nassetta did not avoid speaking about Hilton’s commission cuts announced in 2018 but chose instead to address the topic in his keynote speech. The CEO revealed the cuts were made as a way to appease the various stakeholders and bring balance to the company.

“You guys are a critical and important piece of the curation process, of the experience for our customer,” Nassetta said during the conference. “You add a lot of value, and we think the economics of that equation are fair.”

“At our core, what we are trying to do is create distinctive high-quality experience about product, about technology, about service,” Nassetta continued. “But it starts with the right setting, with matching a customer’s need with one of our products, and you guys are such an instrumental part of that journey.”

“What I love about what you all do is that you are matching, you are helping us in the most important part to curate the experience of a customer,” Nassetta said.

The annual Global Convention features nearly 500 travel agents networking to build a better industry while strengthening each individual and agency. The theme for the 2019 meeting is “From Good to Great” and reflects the organization’s goal during the events.

For more information about the ASTA annual Global Convention, keep reading TravelPulse articles as we are live in Fort Lauderdale at the Diplomat Resort this week.