Brazilian Tourism Board

WHY IT RATES: Representatives of the Brazilian Tourism Board go to Miami to meet with businesspeople and announce projects to encourage Americans to visit Brazil. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

The Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) Representatives will be in Florida next week to participate in a round of meetings, seeking new investments and partnerships for tourism promotion projects in Brazil. On the agenda are talks with investors, airline representatives, influencers and media groups.

Among the priorities for Embratur’s president, Gilson Machado Neto is to reinforce the Brazilian government’s interest in attracting new airlines to the country. This comes after a new law was recently passed in Brazil, allowing foreign capital investment in Brazil’s airlines to go as high as 100 percent.

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Also on the agenda is the search for investors to set up American theme parks in Brazil and the opening of Brazilian national park concessions for private enterprise. Mr. Machado Neto aims to emphasize this initiative as a way to boost tourism in a sustainable way, similar to how the United States has been doing so well for many years.

Brazil has adopted a series of measures to uplift the travel industry. One of the main ones is the visa waiver for US, Australian, Japanese and Canadian tourists, a rule adopted by the Brazilian government in June of this year. In 2018, Brazilians spent $18.2 billion abroad, while international visitors spent USD$5.9 billion, generating a trade deficit of USD$12.3 billion.

Ending the visa requirement is a historic demand by representatives of the sector. Last year, when Brazil adopted the electronic visa to facilitate the entry of tourists from the same four countries, there was an increase of 15.73 percent in the arrival of visitors from these destinations.

According to these travelers’ spending and permanence profile, this is an increase of BRL$450 million (approximately USD$110 million, based on recent exchange rate) in the economy.

Another priority of the visit is the announcement of new promotional activities by Brazil abroad. In an unprecedented partnership with Yes Brasil, one of the largest Brazilian companies in Orlando, Embratur is launching the projects “Brazilian, Bring 5+” and “King of the Trip.”

According to the director of PR & Marketing at Embratur, Osvaldo Matos de Melo Júnior, the project “Brazilian, Bring 5+ aims to encourage, through a digital campaign, that Brazilians living abroad promote the country as a travel destination. They should invite five Americans to choose Brazil as their next vacation spot. Influencers are also being identified in various areas to act as “Brazilian tourism ambassadors.”’

Thru the “King of the Trip” digital campaign, Embratur will select an international traveler to spend 30 days traveling throughout Brazil. The lucky tourist will be chosen based on meeting a series of requirements, including the overall number of social media followers.

An Embratur team will accompany the selected visitor during the whole trip, and they will broadcast the adventure thru Embratur’s social media channels, posting daily photos and videos, like a reality show. In addition, the content will be published in the winner’s social media, Brazilian and international press, as well as shared by digital influencers, promotion partners and Brazilians living abroad.

“This is an initiative that values fiscal responsibility, defended by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, and it will have the support of airlines, hotel chains, the tourism trade and Brazilian tourist destinations,” says Embratur President Gilson Machado Neto.

SOURCE: Brazilian Tourism Board press release.