Fall Color of Colorado in Breckenridge

Anyone familiar with the beautiful state of Colorado knows that it’s abundant with unique attractions—from breathtaking scenery to exciting outdoor recreation to its vibrant music culture. With so many options and so little time, planning a trip to the Centennial State can leave you overwhelmed when considering the vast number of possibilities.

That’s why the Colorado Tourism Office offers travelers and travel agents the perfect online tool for building your Colorado itinerary: the Colorado Field Guide.

The Colorado Field Guide helps travelers plan their perfect trip to Colorado.

Introduced in 2017, the Colorado Field Guide consists of 20 curated itineraries that can be further customized based on your preferences. It will make suggestions based on the information that you provide and recommend itineraries complete with lodging, food, activities and more.

If there’s one particular area you’re planning to see, it’ll also provide a selection of itineraries that include that city and more. Looking to take a quick 3-day trip to Aspen to check out some of the trails? There are several itineraries waiting for you. Planning to head to Denver and the surrounding areas for four days in the spring? A fully planned trip is just a few clicks away.

When you use the Field Guide, you have the ability to choose from a selection of amazing regions and cities (San Luis Valley, Denver, Salida, Colorado Springs, and more) and an abundant list of 50+ activities (camping, hiking, breweries, family attractions, skiing, national monuments, etc.).

Other filters include trip duration and the desired season in which you’ll be making a visit. Experiment with different options to learn about all of the great Colorado spots you might not have known about!

If you’re looking to check out all that Colorado has to offer, head on over to the Colorado Field Guide on the official Colorado Tourism Office website.