Southwest Boeing 737-300

A Southwest Airlines pilot experienced a unique opportunity for closure decades in the making on a recent flight from Oakland, California to Dallas’ Love Field Airport.

Captain Bryan Knight said he was “very honored” to be able to fly the remains of his father, Air Force Col. Roy Abner Knight Jr.—whose plane was shot down while attacking a target on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos during the Vietnam War in May 1967—home to Texas.

Knight’s remains were discovered this past February nearly 52 years after he went missing in action.

“To be able to do this, to bring my father home, I’m very, very honored and very lucky. How many people would ever have this kind of opportunity to do this? This is awesome,” Bryan Knight said in a touching video posted to Southwest’s official Twitter account on Thursday.

An announcement was made upon the flight’s arrival in Dallas, prompting airport workers and travelers alike to stop what they were doing pay their respects to the fallen airman.

According to Southwest, Bryan Knight was just five years old when he last saw his father at Love Field before he was sent off to war.