Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever wanted to experience an exotic country through a celebrity chef’s eyes including seeing and tasting what a culinary master might experience?

Now is your chance.

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To celebrate the opening of his new restaurant in Kyoto this fall, Chef Morimoto, of Iron Chef fame, has announced he will host a chef-led tour of Japan this October.

The trip will include such highlights as the lively action of a tuna auction at the new Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo, as well as a sake pairing dinner at his upscale restaurant Atelier Morimoto XEX.

There will also be an opportunity to paint your own ceramic masterpieces on location at Nikko ceramics (Chef Morimoto’s favorite renowned brand of tableware, which he uses at his restaurants.)

Additional notable itinerary features include an opportunity to savor an exclusive lunch at Morimoto’s new restaurant Morimoto Kyoto in Pontocho Alley; and a sake brewery tour and tasting of Morimoto’s original sake at Fukumitsuya Brewery in Kanazawa.

Morimoto, a Japanese master chef, is known for his innovative and signature style of cuisine. In particular, he has sought to create a bridge between the culinary traditions of his native Japan and the American palate.

Though he is perhaps best known for competing on the Japanese television show Iron Chef in 1998 and later becoming one of the stars of Food Network’s Iron Chef America in 1999, Morimoto has a long culinary history.

After a shoulder injury ended his baseball star aspirations, Morimoto began studying sushi in his hometown of Hiroshima and at age 24, opened his first restaurant.

Later he was recruited to join the original Nobu restaurant and eventually became the executive chef. He opened his first restaurant in the United States in 2001. After that, he opened restaurants in India, New York City, and Napa Valley.

Tourists walk on a street leading to Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Morimoto is now preparing to introduce his first restaurant in Kyoto, Japan this fall.

Morimoto Kyoto will open on Pontocho Alley, an area considered to be Kyoto’s top scenic dining destination for residents and tourists. Morimoto Kyoto will feature a two-story traditional Machiya-style townhouse layout, plus Kawayuka (riverside outdoor seating).

The menu meanwhile will showcase Morimoto’s signature style of cooking with the inspiration of Kyoto, integrating Japanese and Western ingredients and culinary techniques.

Morimoto’s chef-led tour of Japan will take place from October 15 through 21.

For further details and to book a spot visit this website.