British, Airways, Embraer

Travelers know St. Maarten in part due to the low-flying planes landing at the island’s airport, but a recent video from a Greek island showed an aircraft coming in for one of the lowest possible landings.

According to The Sun, the video shows travelers outside the fence of the Skiathos Airport in Greece as a British Airways Embraer E190 prepares to land. The low-flying plane looks to be coming in lower than usual, forcing people to jump out of the way in fear.

In addition, the engine blast from the plane as it passes overhead forces two people off a retaining wall where they were taking a picture. The end of the runway has become a popular tourist hotspot, with as many as 100 people taking selfies near the airport on a busy day.

Due to the low landings, Skiathos Airport has been dubbed the European St. Maarten.

Officials on the island of Skiathos warn travelers about standing too close to the airport’s runway, as the blast from the planes can cause injuries. At Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, a tourist died after the engine blast from an aircraft knocked the woman into rocks in 2017.