Unknown incoming phone call (Photo via Oleksii Spesyvtsev / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning to consumers about potential scams from people acting as airline representatives.

According to WAFB.com, officials from the BBB said they’ve been encountering reports of scammers acting like representatives from top airlines in the United States, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines.

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Impacting Travel

The BBB said the scheme could be used to represent any airline as part of the scam.

The bureau is looking to help travelers avoid the scam by showcasing the types of emails to avoid, including unsolicited messages from airlines, surveys about recent flights, flight change notifications, ticket downloads and more.

Travelers should be aware the scammers are replicating company logos and adding small details to the text, which makes the emails feel authentic. In reality, the links sent in the fake messages hide malware that can access your computer and steal sensitive personal information.

Some tips to avoid the scams include never clicking links from unknown emails, ignoring most unsolicited messages, hovering on links to see their destination and calling customer service to confirm the validity of the message.

Concerned about being scammed? Read on here for how to avoid various types of travel scams.