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Budget travelers will be happy to learn about Google’s new travel search features as it will assist travelers in discovering better prices on flights and hotels.

In terms of flights, Google used to only show price insights for trips when searching for flights on holiday dates. Now, Google will show the price insight for most trips and indicate whether the price is high, typical or low for that particular flight and if the current price is expected to increase soon or won’t go any lower.

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If your budget’s fixed, Google now makes it possible to search for all available options within your budget. You use a price slider to set your limit and Google will only show destinations within that range. However, this feature is only available when you’re searching on a desktop and not on your phone.

In terms of hotels, Google’s new deals filter uses machine learning to showcase hotels that have significantly lower than usual rates. Previously, Google only indicated when you stumbled on a good hotel deal and didn’t allow you to search for hotels with the best discounts.

The hotel page has also been redesigned in search results to feature expanded pages for photos and reviews.

Google’s most recent update follows one they pushed out in October that redesigned their pages into a grid and card interface that highlights hotels in a card format.