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Traveling on a plane full of people you don’t know can be stressful enough, but two passengers made it more annoying for everyone by fighting with each other over a window shade.

According to the Daily Mail, two men on an unspecified flight got into a verbal altercation when one passenger wanted the window shade open and the other wanted it closed. The childish back-and-forth was recorded and shared online.

The man recording the situation from the back seat asked the passenger sitting in front of him to leave the window closed, but the two battled like kids to get their way.

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Eventually, the man sitting in front of the camera operator called the flight attendant for help.

While the attendant tried to help, the two men continued to squabble. At one point, the man in the front seat reached back toward the camera operator, who informed him that if he touched him, it would be assault.

The video ends without any real conclusion, but the window remained open, giving the man in the front seat a small victory.

The video has also caused a firestorm online from people trying to determine which traveler was wrong for their actions. The consensus from viewers was that both men were acting childish and should just grow up.

A fight is one of many things you should never do on an airplane.