Frustrated traveler at the airport

Many Americans can’t seem to leave their worries behind when they are traveling.

New research from airfare comparison site Jetcost questioned travelers regarding their greatest worries they have at the airport and on vacation and found that most Americans are definitely not carefree when traveling.

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These are the top worries Americans have while away:

—Weather will be worse than expected–79 percent

—Something will happen at work/work will call–65 percent

—Accommodation will be worse than expected–61 percent

—The money that will be spent–59 percent

—Arguing with who you are going with–48 percent


With so many U.S. travelers worried about work while away, Jetcost also noted that research found nearly one third of Americans (32 percent) do work whilst they are on vacation. Even more—70 percent—check their work emails at least once when on a trip abroad.

Respondents were also quizzed on their worries when flying, and Jetcost found that two-fifths of Americans (39 percent) find going to the airport a stressful experience, and a further 45 percent said that they don’t like flying.

Additionally, 19 percent of Americans confessed that they are scared of flying, and a further 8 percent do not fly to certain destinations because of the time spent on a plane.

“Going on vacation can definitely be a stressful experience, but it is so worth it in the end,” said a spokesperson for Jetcost. “You can help relieve some of the stress by being organized and having everything planned before leaving, and try and enjoy yourself as much as you can! If you know you’re the sort of person to worry about work and check your emails while away, leave your phone at home–if you can’t look, you can’t respond or end up working when on vacation.”