View of Colosseum in Rome and morning sun, Italy, Europe. (photo via vwalakte / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

WHY IT RATES: The exclusive tours accommodate those with disabilities who are looking to visit some of the city’s most sought-after sights. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

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Roma Experience has launched an exclusive collection of new accessible Rome tours available to anyone with unique access requirements.

These exclusive new tours currently explore the Colosseum and Vatican City, with unique itineraries to accommodate those with disabilities.

The Italy tour specialists have created these brand new tour itineraries in collaboration with disability advocates, with a mission to make Rome–a city not generally renowned for accessibility–easier for everyone to explore.

The new collection includes private tours of the majestic Vatican and Colosseum, adapted to cater for unique accessibility needs.

Each tour includes collection from your hotel in a private minivan specifically designed and customized for those with disabilities, before heading to the ancient sites to meet your private guide.

Accessible Vatican Tour

One of the most popular sites in Italy, the Vatican is a favorite with tourists, and Roma Experience’s brand-new itinerary has been specifically modified in order to best accommodate those with access requirements. Beginning at the Vatican Museums, visitors will have the chance to gaze upon the best artwork ever produced by European civilizations, before marveling at the School of Athens.

The tour continues on to the Sistine Chapel, accessible via an elevator to admire the spectacular Sistine Chapel ceiling. From here, skip the line at St. Peter’s Basilica, and enjoy a full tour of its triumphant interior, discovering the remarkable feat of architecture and the seat of the Catholic Church.

Accessible Colosseum Tour

Rome’s Colosseum is visited by a staggering 4 million tourists every single year, making it the second most visited tourist destination in Rome following the Vatican Museums. Roma Experience’s accessible tour of the Colosseum includes an expert guide who can bring the ancient structure back to life.

The world’s most famous amphitheater, the remarkable history here is waiting to be uncovered. Both the first and second floor is accessible via an elevator, with a step-free entrance ensuring the Colosseum is off-limits to no one.

From the Colosseum, the tour also heads on to the Roman Forum, which can be found below street level and can be accessed via an elevator. This is the site where many of the most important events in the city’s history took place, including the infamous assassination of Julius Caesar.

Accompanied by an expert, local guide, discover the secret histories of the Forum, hidden in the memory of these mysterious ruins. The Forum can be tricky to navigate for those with physical disabilities, which is why this new tour from Roma Experience tailors each itinerary to ensure an accessible experience for all.

Rome is not known for being easily accessible for those with disabilities; the uneven grounds, cobblestoned streets, and limited accessible transport options make it one of the least accessible cities in Europe. Which is why Roma Experience decided to launch their accessible Rome tours, complete with transfers, to ensure that the beauty and wonder of these Roman ruins are never out of reach.

Davide Bolognesi described the inspiration behind the new tours, saying: “Italy is not one of those countries that would typically be considered easily accessible for those with additional access needs, thanks to its cobbled streets and rolling hills. In fact, the great art critic Robert Hughes even went out of his way to thank the friends who drove him around Rome and helped him access the city’s harder to reach sights in a wheelchair, sights he never would have been able to see otherwise.

“However, not everyone has well-connected friends in the world’s most beautiful capital, and here at Roma Experience we believe that these treasures of humanity should be available to everyone – no matter their access needs.

“Our brand-new Accessible Tours were designed in consultation with disability advocates to perfect the itineraries for wheelchair users and people with other mobility issues. We want to take you to see Italy’s most beloved sights, in ease and comfort.”

Roma Experience’s Accessible Tours all include an accessible vehicle, specifically modified for wheelchair users, accessible itineraries adapted for those with access needs, an expert tour guide, and skip-the-line entry.

SOURCE: Roma Experience press release.