plane, rain, storm

As storms continue to move through the Northeast, travelers are feeling the sting of strong winds, heavy rain and flash flooding which moved through the area Monday night.

According to, violent thunderstorms and torrential downpours caused ground stops at airports throughout the region, including major hubs such as John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport.

While most of the thunderstorms have moved out of the region, heavy rain is still causing concern for flooding throughout the Northeast and Southeast New England. As for southeastern Virginia and the Carolinas, there is still a chance of severe weather Tuesday.

As of 11:10 a.m. ET, is reporting 288 total cancellations within, into or out of the United States Tuesday, with another 1,430-plus flights facing delays. Airports in Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C. were the most impacted by the storms.

As a result of the weather across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, carriers such as Delta Air Lines have expanded their travel advisory to include New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., with change fees being waived for eligible travelers.