Newark Liberty International Airport

As travelers were heading home from a long Labor Day weekend, a New Jersey airport was temporarily evacuated after two men ran away from an airline employee Monday night.

According to, an Alaska Airlines employee working at Newark Liberty International Airport at around 8:30 p.m. local time approached two men at Gate 30 in Terminal A.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said that once the airline employee began talking to the men, they ran away, which resulted in an alarm being sounded. As a result, travelers inside the terminal were evacuated and rushed for the exits.

Around 200 passengers gathered outside Gate 37. One of the impacted travelers, Erin Fors, shared his story on social media.

“I ran with the crowds, hid under some seats, looked for an exit, headed out to the tarmac,” Fors said. “Sounded like gunshots but after seeing the damage in this terminal, it’s more likely it was glass being shattered from people jumping. Terrifying.”

Police found the two men who originally ran away from the Alaska Airlines employee and questioned them, but no charges have been filed. Once back inside, the passengers had to be rescreened.

The Port Authority has launched a full investigation into the incident, but it said the ordeal impacted no flights.