Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Wonders of Cambodia

A diverse country rich with ancient history and cultural exploits, Cambodia is a Southeastern Asia destination for travelers looking for the ultimate authentic experience. Since the US dollar is widely used within the country, the extra task of exchanging money when traveling abroad is eliminated. (It should be noted that the only requirement is to have newer bills in very good condition – old and ripped won’t work!) 

Although visiting during the drier months of November through May promises less rain and humidity, it also means more tourists. Traveling during the rainy season can be tricky with some closures in the south as far as restaurants and potential boat service if there are storms. Aiming for the shoulder season provides the best balance of both worlds.

Get ready to see painting-worthy sunrises behind archaic temples, explore the beauty of crumbling ruins, take a sunset dip in the warm sea, try Khmer cuisine, be welcomed by friendly locals, ride in tuk-tuks and authentic fishing boats, and drool over the scenery. But we’ll let these photos do the talking.