Big Life Foundation's elite rhino unit

Kenya: Wildlife Rangers Expedition

The men and women on the front lines of wildlife conservation in Africa inhabit a world few outsiders truly understand. These brave rangers spend weeks at a time on foot patrols away from their families. living with only the most basic of comforts and facing threats from poachers and the very animals they have dedicated their lives to protecting.

Earlier this year, Intrepid Travel launched a first of its kind journey to Kenya bringing travelers into the rarely seen world of wildlife conservation rangers. Co-hosted by the non-profit The Thin Green Line Organization, the remarkable seven-day experience, Kenya: Wildlife Rangers Expedition, allowed a small group of travelers to spend a week on the front lines, immersed in the work of the Big Life Foundation and its rangers.

The fascinating journey included foot patrols with rangers, nights sitting around a campfire with Maasai elders, and days exploring unique preserves created on Maasai conservation land. And while endangered animals were the underlying theme of the trip, in the end, it was a journey that told an unforgettable human story about the people selflessly dedicating their lives to an effort, and a cause, that benefits all of humanity. Here’s a closer look.