An Interjet airliner soaring through the air

Interjet Airlines announced plans to expand overall service through Mexico City by 40 percent and establish Cancun as a significant hub for the airline.

Interjet revealed Monday the airline plans to increase seat capacity to international and domestic destinations by 12.5 percent, with Cancun International Airport scheduled to host over 378 weekly flights serving both leisure and business travelers.

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Officials from the airline also announced it would be adding new routes, increasing frequencies to existing markets and establishing peak-day arrivals and departures for faster and more convenient connections.

“It was just one year ago we announced our new three-year strategic plan called Interjet 2021, Focus on the Future,” Interjet Chief Commercial Officer Julio Gamero said in a statement. “A major pillar of that plan was committing ourselves to ‘Focus on the Customer’ and providing the products and services our customers deserved to make their leisure or business travel experience the best possible.”

Gamero went on to say Interjet is looking to better schedule arrivals and departures to coincide with check-in and check-out hours at major hotels and resorts in Mexico.

In addition, Interjet is offering business travelers hourly departures on our most frequently traveled routes during the busiest times of the day. The airline already provides competitive prices, free checked bags, more legroom and superior on-board service.