Saint Lucia

Groom Takes the Plunge

Julie and Sean Gillen’s underwater wedding was a first for Saint Lucia and local diving company Eastern Caribbean Diving.  Alot of preparation went into ensuring everything went just right, and that included working with the perfect underwater photographer.

It was the first underwater wedding for UK based Art and Story Studio, who were thrilled to be a part of the event.

“We had this enormous dream of shooting an underwater wedding one day so when we heard about the Dive Fest in St Lucia and Sean and Julie’s wedding, we knew we had to get involved. With some possible leads in hand then gradually thanks to the generosity of the people we talked to, Sean & Julie reached out to us and made it happen!

It’s then that it started sinking in and we fully realised what we had gotten ourselves into – we have plenty of experience shooting weddings but standing on our two feet, not floating 20 feet down in the sea with heavy equipment! So we got to work, went on several dives in the week before the wedding, tested the equipment and planned, planned, planned….and it all worked out perfectly!! 

We still wake up every morning and have to pinch ourselves that we got the chance to do this. We feel so blessed and will be forever grateful to Sean and Julie and the team of extraordinary humans that made it all happen,” they exclaimed.