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Two years after the infamous incident in which United Airlines had an elderly passenger physically dragged off a flight, the carrier is being accused of a similar episode.

Married couple Drs. Jessie Au and her husband, M.G. Wientes, say they were kicked off a late-night United flight in July. The couple, ages 68 and 66, respectively, are retired professors from Ohio State University. They were traveling on June 24 from Washington D.C., where they were seeking grants for further personal research, to Los Angeles.

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The incident was allegedly over a boarding pass issue. Once the couple found their seats, another passenger claimed they were sitting in the same seat and had the same boarding pass. An argument ensued, and Wientes claims one of the flight attendants took his boarding pass toward the back of the plane and then lost it. Although it was returned, the couple claims it was too late – by that time, a flight attendant began screaming “You’re coming out.”

When the couple tried to show one of the flight attendants their boarding passes, they grabbed the elbow to get the attention of one of the attendants and chaos ensued.

Au says, “The flight attendant and gate (agent) both yelled at us. We were traumatized. You could hear them screaming throughout the plane. “Don’t touch me! You are coming out! I’m going to kick you off the plane.” said it contacted United Airlines multiple times to hear their side of the story, but has yet to receive a response.

Au said the incident reminded her of what happened two years ago on a United flight.

In April of 2017, passenger Dr. David Yao was, literally, dragged off a United plane after refusing to give up his seat on an overbooked flight. He suffered cuts and bruises; the damage to United’s reputation was severe.