Wirtshaus in der Au, Munich, Germany.

Would You Fly For Food?

Travel-booking site KAYAK and OpenTable recently revealed the world’ top 25 hidden-gem restaurants that consumer-research results indicated are, in themselves, worth traveling for.

In cooperation, the two online engines recently commissioned a survey to determine how food factors into travelers’ booking choices. Results showed that one in five Americans are inclined to plan a trip based solely on the destination’s gastronomic appeal.

A separate survey, conducted on Kayak’s behalf by YouGov, 44 percent of Americans said that they would fly, or take a train, bus or road trip just to dine at a specific eatery. 61 percent said they’d travel for an hour or more to try a restaurant on their wish list. And, 62 percent of vacationers responded that they prefer to sample their destination’s local cuisine, rather than sticking with more familiar food. 73 percent also indicated that they’d choose a local restaurant over a high-end dining option while on their travels.

Based upon OpenTable’s customer recommendations and reviews, here’s a collection of under-the-radar establishments and off-the-beaten-path, local favorites that are worth a detour during your next trip: