Taking the road less traveled.

The Road Less Traveled

As more and more travelers seem to be seeking “off the beaten path” locales in which they can create their own unique adventures, while simultaneously concerns about overtourism in many best-loved areas continue to grow, it’s well worth looking into alternatives to the world’s most popular international destinations.

AIG Travel, a leading safety advocate and travel insurance provider, recently released its inaugural listing of the “Top 10 Unexpected Places to Explore”, which presents a set of more seldom-explored, yet equally intriguing, places for travelers’ consideration.

While some of these areas on the rise in popularity, they may still come with some unique challenges, including security or culture-clash concerns, or less robust infrastructure than more highly-developed tourism destinations. Which is why AIG Travel expert Scott Adamski, Head of U.S. Field Sales, helped to give us an insider perspective into what factors make these international spots appealing and what are the potential downsides to travel in each area.