County Antrim, Northern Ireland (Photo via MNStudio / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Sometimes it can be difficult deciding which top attractions are the most important when visiting a new country. Or maybe you’re wanting to revisit a favorite spot, but you’re not sure whether to include some familiar favorites in your journey. This is when it becomes extremely beneficial to work with a well-established tour operator like CIE Tours International, especially when traveling to Ireland and Great Britain.

Ireland and Great Britain have so many beautiful destinations and must-see attractions that it can seem a little daunting when planning your trip—especially when thinking about having to drive on the opposite side of the road to get to many of these places.

Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland

Those who can take a longer time exploring the island are encouraged to take the Jewels of Ireland tour. This two-week excursion gives visitors a full Irish experience, exploring a multitude of areas throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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Tour the capital of Dublin and grab a pint at the top of Guinness Storehouse; try to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle outside of Cork; boat along the picturesque Dingle Peninsula; see the iconic Cliff of Moher and feel like royalty as you’re treated to a medieval-style banquet in a castle; head to Northern Ireland and see Giant’s Causeway—a UNESCO World Heritage Site; explore Neolithic tombs; and much more on this one-of-a-kind visit. CIE Tours prides itself on incorporating unique experiences in with the must-see sites to make this trip truly memorable.

If you’re more crunched for time, the Taste of Ireland tour has 5-7 day itinerary options available. This exploration concentrates on the highlights of the Republic of Ireland, but it is still filled with genuine local experiences.

You’ll find yourself touring downtown Dublin and Dublin Castle before heading to a pub for hearty meal and lively dancing; stop at the Rock of Cashel, Blarney Castle and Blarney Woollen Mills before arriving in Killarney; drive the scenic Ring of Kerry before getting a lesson in traditional sheep herding and shearing (depending on the season); be ferried across the River Shannon Estuary to see the Cliffs of Moher before enjoying a medieval feast; travel to Galway; and more on this jam-packed tour.

Although CIE Tours International offers a range of expeditions throughout England, Wales and Scotland, the 10-day Best of Britain excursion gives visitors a taste of some of the most well-loved areas of Britain.

View of old Edinburgh, Scotland at sunset from Princes Street Gardens (photo via jenifoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

See where the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place; drive through the Cotswolds as you make your way to York; take a step back in time as you walk through Edinburgh Castle and visit the city’s 200-year old ‘New Town’; see what inspired Beatrix Potter to write her famous children’s books; explore Cardiff Castle and then sit down to a traditional Welsh meal; walk around the historic Roman Baths before seeing the even more historic Stonehenge; sightsee the highlights of London; and more on this all-encompassing journey around Great Britain.

Any of CIE Tours International trips are sure to impress. Plus by treating guests to their unique experiences and taking the hassle of transportation logistics, this stress-free way to travel is sure to be a favorite among travelers.