Six Flags Coffin Challenge

What better way to usher in the Halloween season than spending 30 hours inside a coffin with the chance to win cash and prizes on the line? Six Flags America in Woodmore, Maryland, is offering guests that exact opportunity.

According to the theme park’s official website, the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge is part of Six Flags America’s annual Fright Fest festivities and will run between 4 p.m. local time on Friday, September 27 and last until 10 p.m. on September 28.

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This year’s competition will feature several changes from the previous events, though.

Six contestants will be chosen for the coffin contest, but this year they will be allowed to bring a friend, family member or significant other to accompany them inside the 65-inch-by-72-inch coffins. The companion will have to leave the coffin when the theme park closes, as the main contestants will be forced to brave the night “alone.”

Participants staying overnight will not be totally alone, though, as Six Flags officials said: “some of our Fright Fest ghouls will be lurking about in the darkness.”

As for the rules of the competition, participants will be prohibited from removing the lids of their coffins unless it is during the specified meal or bathroom break times. In addition, there will be challenges throughout the 30-hour contest, including laying in a coffin covered in worms, going into a haunted house alone and more.

One major caveat this year is that no phones, tablets or smartwatches will be permitted inside the coffins. Participants can forfeit at any time during the 30-hour endurance challenge, and a failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification.

Other Six Flags locations around the country are hosting similar events, with winners rewarded with $600 cash, two Gold Season Passes for 2020 and two Express Haunted House passes. If there is a tie, “the remaining finalists will compete head-to-head with a spicy hot sauce sandwich eating contest.”