Nassau, Bahamas

The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB) has published a new video message to clear up any confusion travelers may have in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

While Grand Bahama and the Abacos were devastated by the Category 5 storm earlier this month, a majority of the Bahamas’ top tourist destinations, including Nassau and Paradise Island were unaffected and thus open for business.

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The 30-second video confirms that all of Nassau and Paradise Island’s hotels and resorts are open and that air service is back to normal.

The message will air across multiple digital media platforms.

“Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the most popular tourist destination within the country so, as a result, when consumers hear the Bahamas they may automatically associate the two,” said Fred Lounsberry, CEO of the Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, in a statement.

“While our thoughts and prayers are very much with our neighbors in The Abacos and Grand Bahama, Nassau and Paradise Island were not in the path of the storm and are ready to welcome guests. One of the best ways to support the Bahamas is by visiting.”

Nassau is located roughly 127 miles south of Grand Bahama and nearly 90 miles south of Abaco where Dorian hit.

The NPIPB is working closely with the Bahamian government to encourage support of relief efforts but visitors can lend a helping hand as well. Many of the larger resorts in the Bahamas are providing guests with direct ways to support Grand Bahama and the Abacos.

Contact your travel agent or visit for more information.