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Travel expert Mark Murphy is all-new this week on the TravelPulse Podcast.

In episode 52, the TravelPulse founder discusses a wide range of topics, including climate change’s impact on travel and vice versa, the best way to capitalize on shoulder season and the launch of

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“We just launched sponsored by Apple Leisure Group. It’s designed to hold these consumer media outlets accountable,” said Murphy. “We take their own copy and turn it around. Travel agents and consumers who want the facts can go there. Go sign up and you’ll get a weekly newsletter to get a summary. When we find reports that are false or misleading we’re going to be all over it.”

Later, Murphy reveals how travelers and those in the industry can help the Bahamas bounce back post-Hurricane Dorian.

“Plenty of islands and resorts in the Bahamas are open for business. So the best thing you can do to support the Bahamas is to donate money to the Bahamas Red Cross. We’re also doing a GoFundMe at TravelPulse,” he added.

“Go back and support the Bahamas because you can go to Nassau and a lot of the islands and it’s business as usual.”

For more travel insight and tips, listen to episode 52 of “TravelPulse: The Intersection of Travel—Where Politics, Finance, and Travel Meet” in its entirety below:

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