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Who out there doesn’t hate annoying and costly ticket change fees? Anyone?

Frontier Airlines feels you.

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The airline has just announced that it is eliminating the ticket change fee for some passengers. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the airline will simultaneously be raising the annoying fee for others.

Here’s how the airline laid things out in its announcement today:

“With fares as low as Frontier’s, we want to make sure making a change is affordable. If you want to book with confidence and pay no changes fees (or would like the ability to get a full refund) buy our discount bundle the WORKS at initial booking. With the WORKS, your entire purchase is refundable (including the cost of the WORKS), you get the best seat on the plane, one free checked bag, and one free carry-on bag.

Sounds pretty good right?

The new policy is available to those who make changes at least 60 before flying. (Previously, the fee was $49 for those who made changes between 60 and 90 days before their flight, according to USA Today.)

As part of the new policy, the fee for passengers who want to make changes anywhere from 14 to 60 before their flight, however, will be increasing to $79. Though travelers who bought tickets prior to September 13 will still be eligible for the $49 change fee.

And finally, Frontier’s fee for absolute last-minute changes, the ones that happen when life throws you a total curveball, will remain at $119.

Frontier’s spokesman Zach Kramer told USA Today that even with that one noted increase, its change fee policy is hard to beat.

“We’re still ahead of the other guys,” he said.