New York City's Central Park during the fall

Popular Meeting Destinations in 2020

CWT Meetings & Events has revealed its rankings of the top meeting spots in North America. 

The survey found that, while demand for meetings and events is still on the rise in North America, the pace of growth has slowed.

“Political events have a direct impact more than ever on companies’ quarterly and annual outlooks,” said Tony Wagner, vice president, Americas and South Pacific regions, CWT Meetings & Events. “Some industry segments are pulling back and are being a bit more cautious.”

Last year, bookings were being made farther out, but that has also changed as a looming economic slump and deepening trade war are raising fears. 

CWT found that large events previously booking at least six months in advance are now seeing shorter windows of three months, hobbled by the geopolitical and global economic uncertainty.

These are the top 10 cities for meetings and events in North America.