Playa Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain

Officials in Barcelona are asking Catalonia to modify its legislation to allow the government to increase the current tourist rate by four Euros.

According to, the local government in Barcelona is hoping the laws will be updated quickly to begin applying the price increase to tourists as soon as 2020.

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Currently, visitors to the city pay between 0.65 and 2.25 Euros per day, but the planned jump in price could result in travelers paying as much as 6.25 Euros per day.

A vote was taken during a Barcelona City Council meeting, and the measure passed, but will now have to receive regional approval from the Catalonian government. If accepted, the legislation would allow for the price increases at tourist establishments.

In total, tourists booking overnight stays or arriving in the city via cruise ships will be subjected to the additional charge of four euros per day. The new rule would also give Barcelona 100 percent of the tax money collected, instead of the current 50 percent.

All political groups involved with the process believe the request will be handled quickly.

For Barcelona, overnight stays for visitors have grown at an annual rate of eight percent and reached an estimated 30 million per year.