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WHY IT RATES: Travel agents can stay up to date with New York City happenings and even experience this great city for themselves. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor


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A Star May Be Born

Gayle’s Broadway Rose features the most talented aspiring New York City Broadway performers and actors as your personal singing waitstaff. Join them for an amazing NYC entertainment and restaurant dining experience while listening to their singing servers serenade you, belting out your favorite Broadway songs from musical classics to current theater hits—plus some pop songs in the mix.

Lunch and dinner options at Gayle’s Broadway Rose are available from NYCVP.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Coming to New York City to light up your nights? Here’s the perfect vacation option! See a hit Broadway show, watch a top-notch comedian at the premier comedy nightclub Caroline, and tour the City in the most unique way aboard The Ride. We’ll also arrange dinner for you at the legendary Broadway classic restaurant Sardi’s!

This three-night (or longer) vacation will keep you entertained at night—and we’ve got some bonus admissions for you to take care of the days too!

Independent Fam Trips to New York City

See what all the excitement is about! New York City is the hottest destination in the USA—and we’re happy to have you experience the Greatest City in the World on our popular Independent Fam Trips this year.

Choose a select date through December and have fun just like your clients will! We’ll provide comfortable accommodations at the perfectly located Sheraton New York Times Square, and we’ll show you our world-famous landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty. Dinner’s on us one evening too.

Fam trips are even available for the holiday season—Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve—so come to New York City and learn why 65 million folks will visit this year!

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