A crowded TSA security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers seized a 3D imprinted handgun from a man at LaGuardia Airport in New York City during the busy Fourth of July travel period.

TSA confirmed that the Kansas man was stopped at a security checkpoint on July 3 after an officer spotted the trigger and body of the gun inside of his roller bag as it passed through the X-ray machine.

Officers confiscated the item and the man was allowed to catch his flight.

TSA warns that handguns and handgun parts are prohibited past airport security checkpoints.

Screeners uncovered a record number of firearms inside passengers’ carry-on bags at checkpoints across the country last year, seizing nearly 4,240 or an average of roughly 12 per day.

Of those weapons seized, 86 percent were loaded while at least one-third had a bullet in the chamber, TSA announced.