Tallinn, Estonia (photo via scanrail / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The Baltic is an interesting destination filled with impressive history and culture, and there are several unique excursions here that aren’t found in other areas. It’s not always the first choice that comes to mind when planning a trip, but the Baltic is a fascinating area to explore either on its own or as part of a longer European tour.

Kristin Garvens, Shore Excursion Specialist for ShoreTrips, recently spent two weeks in the Baltic experiencing both the company’s current and new tours in this region.


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Taking time to fully experience these tours, just as a traveler with ShoreTrips would experience them, let Garvens see firsthand how they operate. This allows her to be able to provide feedback and make any necessary changes to ensure each trip is perfectly planned for future clients.

ShoreTrips offers a number of excursions in the Baltic, but a few of the most popular ones include Icons of Stockholm, Viking Tour of Roskilde, Medley of Oslo with Driver and Licensed Guide and the three-day St. Petersburg Classic tours.

Garvens explains that when you travel on a ShoreTrips tour, you’re treated like royalty: “People were listening in to our tour guide wherever they went as they realized they should have hired a guide. No one really knew what they were looking at and they were completely jealous of us.”

ShoreTrips sets itself apart from other similar tour companies by having well planned and organized tours—with some of the best guides. She felt relieved to already have a tour planned after stumbling upon other travelers without a guide.

“In fact, one man in Russia approached our guide and said that his cancelled on him and wanted to hire her for the day because he was so impressed. Luckily we booked with ShoreTrip and we already had the guide all to ourselves,” Garvens shared.


Many of the larger cruise ships offer excursions while visiting the Baltic, but they are often on big busses and can take a while to get everyone on and organized for the tour. Travel agents can keep ShoreTrips in mind for their clients as an alternative option. The tour company also guarantees travelers back at the ship prior to departure.

In addition to the variety of options already available, ShoreTrips is also working on a few culinary walking tours in this region. Travelers will soon not only be able to view and take in the history but also indulge in the tasty cuisine.

Contact a travel agent or visit ShoreTrips website to learn more.