Old San Juan Puerto Rico historic district

WHY IT RATES: While Cuba has a unique draw, there are many alternatives that feature a Latin-infused experience. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

On June 4, the United States Government implemented new travel regulations banning cruise lines from sailing to Cuba, effective immediately, and simultaneously eliminated several land-based, educational travel programs.

As disappointed travelers seek alternatives to their bucket list Cuba trips, the travel advisors at Oasis Travel Network are sharing their recommendations for destinations that feature an authentic, Latin-infused experience.

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“We were heartbroken to learn of the government’s recent decision, not only because it’s disappointing for our clients who had pre-existing Cuba travel plans, but because we know firsthand what a wonderfully enriching, cultural destination Cuba is–as well as how much the people of Cuba need the support that tourism brings,” said Kelly Bergin, president of Oasis Travel Network.

“As we work with our clients to adjust their future travel plans, our travel specialists are recommending destinations like Puerto Rico and Mexico, both of which have a rich history and vibrant culture.”

The team at Oasis Travel Network anticipates seeing an uptick in travel to Puerto Rico and Mexico, specifically, as cruise lines adjust their itineraries. The company is sharing insights with travelers now, to assist with the future vacation planning process, highlighting the very best of both destinations.

With sandy beaches, scenic waterfalls and sweeping mountain views, Puerto Rico offers relaxation and adventure for those looking to get away from the day-to-day. San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city, is the most popular stop on the island. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city takes travelers back in time with Spanish colonial architecture, museums, and ancient forts.

Since recovering from multiple hurricanes in recent years, the tropical island is eager to welcome tourists again–making it the perfect alternative for travelers looking to fully immerse themselves into a Latin experience this summer and fall travel season.

Another option for travelers is Mexico’s clear waters and brilliant sunsets, which provide the perfect backdrop for a beach vacation. One of the most popular cities is Cancun, known for its numerous resorts and vibrant nightlife. While visiting, tourists can explore ancient Mayan ruins, go snorkeling at an underwater museum or spend the day relaxing on the beach.

SOURCE: Oasis Travel Network press release.