Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, Oscar Mayer is making its iconic Wienermobile available for brand enthusiasts to personally enjoy as an Airbnb rental.

It’s true! For the first time ever, people can realize their childhood dreams of living in a 27-foot fiberglass hot dog on wheels—at least for a single night.

The famous meat manufacturer has listed the official Wienermobile on Airbnb as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom “camper/RV” rental, which can accommodate just two people and is available in the Chicago area at $136 per night.

A private stay in this standalone hot-dog paradise may come with limited amenities, but it does include a spacious bed (which can convert to a couch), a sitting area with two comfy recliners, a mini-fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and all the Chicago-style hot dog essentials, an outdoor picnic space and an adjacent bathroom.

A night spent in this all-American icon promises to deliver a “bunderful” time with its cozy, comfortable atmosphere, bedecked in the iconic brand’s vivid colors and logos, and perfectly suited to some leisure time spent grilling up your favorite wienies.

Guests who book a Wienermobile stay will also receive an Oscar Mayer roller grill to take home, a welcome kit filled with hot-dog-inspired accessories and a custom Wienermobile art piece by local artist Laura Kiro.

With a wealth of music festivals taking place across the Windy City this summer, Oscar Mayer foresees the Wienermobile rental attracting guests who are eager to enjoy the city’s musical days and nights in an intimate, fun-filled setting.

The rental begins accepting reservation requests on July 24, so die-hard hot dog lovers should keep an eye on the listing if they hope to book their desired date.