Carnival, Cruise, Line

Customs officials are detaining a former Carnival Cruise Line employee after he allegedly tried to smuggle himself out of the United States.

According to, Kenyan national Fuwad Nassir was hired by the cruise line and assigned to work on the Carnival Liberty at Port Canaveral in October. Within two weeks, he had deserted his position, which was a violation of his work visa.

After leaving the ship, Nassir was picked up by a relative and driven from Florida to New York state, where the Kenyan national attempted to cross into Canada by way of the Rainbow Bridge point of entry.

Border agents refused to allow Nassir to cross over into Canada and turned him over U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Authorities then transported him back to Brevard County in Florida, where he faces a charge of conspiracy to commit human smuggling.

Officials from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Nassir told border agents in Canada that he was seeking asylum. The Florida court temporarily overseeing the case set the bond at $500,000.