Mark Murphy on Fox Business

Travelers might be hesitant about visiting the Dominican Republic amid exploding news coverage regarding mysterious tourist deaths in the popular Caribbean destination.

This week, TravelPulse founder Mark Murphy appeared on Fox Business to provide some important perspective for travelers.

“When you look at the map of the island and see that these things happened all around, to conflate that they all are connected is a bit of a stretch, to be frank. So that should give you some comfort,” said Murphy. “Talk to a travel agent who sells this destination regularly and gets personal feedback and back it up with TripAdvisor if you want to validate some of the reviews.”

“But there are people on the ground there today that are having a great vacation.”

The travel expert also shared his own experiences and expressed confidence in returning.

“If 8 million Americans have traveled to the Dominican Republic in the last four years alone, I’d feel pretty confident. I was just there in January. Personally, I would get on a plane with my wife and kids and go there tomorrow because I know the destination and this is too scattered to be some conspiracy,” he added. “This is a huge tourist destination and they handle about 6.5 million travelers a year.”

You can watch Murphy’s appearance on Fox Business in its entirety below: