KLM Boeing 747 landing at Princess Juliana International Airport in St Maarten

Here’s something new – a business that wants less of your business.

We’re not kidding.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a new marketing campaign called “Fly Responsibly” in which it encourages travelers to actually fly less, which would help reduce carbon emissions by airlines.

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The campaign includes a dedicated website and social media presence in addition to a video.

In a letter to customers and stakeholders, KLM CEO Pieter Elbers said environmentally conscious consumers need to be involved.

“We’re in this together. We work hard to get things right, but all parties involved need to join forces to create a sustainable future,” he said. “All stakeholders in the aviation industry, all corporations in any industry. And yes, all air travelers too. What can you do, in addition to carefully considering your travel plans?”

The suggestions made by Elbers and KLM include three questions: Do meetings always have to take place face-to-face? Could you take the train instead? And could you contribute by compensating your CO2 emissions or packing light?

“We all have to fly every now and again,” the spot’s narrator intones. “But next time, think about flying responsibly.”

Here is the 90-second advertisement that asks travelers to make “responsible decisions about flying.”

Following Elbers’ letter, KLM issues a statement clarifying that it still is operating, lest anyone think otherwise.

“It is our business and we want to stay in business. We are stepping up to speed up progress towards a sustainable future, but we are a company that needs to make profit to survive and to continue to invest in sustainable solutions. We want to still be around when we have succeeded in our efforts to make aviation sustainable.”