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Passengers behaving badly can cause headaches for other travelers, but one woman gave the man she was flying with a headache by striking him on the head with a laptop because he was looking at other women.

According to The Sun, an American Airlines flight was preparing to depart from Miami International Airport for Los Angeles International Airport Sunday when a woman was heard cursing at her boyfriend.

Passengers began filming the altercation after the woman started yelling at the man for looking at other women. The woman was using abusive language and a pair of flight attendants asked her to stop cursing, but the verbal battle only became more intense.

Twitter user Julia Scorupco shared the video (NSFW due to strong language):

While the couple was mostly hidden from view on the footage, the sound of a slap can be heard followed by the audible gasps of people around them. Attendants ask the man to get up and leave the plane, at which time the woman grabs a laptop and strikes the man in the head.

As the couple is being escorted off the plane, the captain informs the woman she will be charged with assault. The woman told him, “Fine, whatever.”

“We thank the American crew who worked quickly to diffuse the situation,” an American Airlines spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News. “Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers.”