Singapore Changi Airport

Getting to your flight can be a real headache, but one airport in Singapore has a unique solution to the problem; slides.

According to The Daily Mail, an international traveler named Yusuf El Askary entered Terminal 4 of Changi Airport in Singapore when he discovered the facility had a massive slide inside.

After scanning his boarding pass and clearing a checkpoint, the man slid down the long and winding ride. El Askary recorded the experience and shared the video on YouTube:

The slide looks massive and the 28-year-old pharmacist lets out an audible shriek of joy as he speeds along to the bottom, where a red “Chandelier” hangs. In reality, the chandelier is actually a series of climbing nets and poles inside it for sliding down.

“I had never seen anything like it at an airport, I couldn’t believe it was true until I actually tried it,” Yusuf told The Daily Mail.

The Terminal 4 slide is not the first at Changi Airport, as the facility built a 40-feet tall attraction inside Terminal 3 in 2010, which has been dubbed the world’s tallest slide inside an airport.