A vender making funnel cakes at a state fair

You never know what kind of foods you’re going to come across at the state fair.

Nowadays there’s deep-fried everything, from Oreo cookies to even beer, and inspired vendors are only getting more ambitious as they look to one-up one another.

The odds are you likely already have a favorite go-to state fair snack but here are a few wacky ones you might not know existed.

Cotton Candy Burrito

Perhaps the craziest item being served at The Great New York State Fair in Syracuse this summer is the Cotton Candy Burrito from Milky Bun.

The $5 treat packs your choice of candy and ice cream into a cotton candy shell. Each additional topping will cost you $0.50 but there’s no limit to what you can create if you’ve got the budget for it.

Bacon Brittle

Bacon Brittle is coming to the Lone Star State this fall so get your cardio out of the way now. This mouthwatering masterpiece starts with thick-cut applewood smoked bacon that’s flavored with a hint of bourbon. The result is a smoky, sweet and salty taste complemented by the soft crunchy texture from the brittle.

Wash it down with a refreshing Kool-Aid Pickle-Dilly Sangria. You’ll find both of these one-of-a-kind treats at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas from September 27 to October 20.

Carnitas Taco Cone

What could be better than succulent shredded pork butt topped with cabbage, queso fresco and sour cream? All of those things stuffed inside of a cone. Fortunately for Midwesterners, St. Paul’s San Felipe Tacos is serving them up at the Minnesota State Fair this summer.

Green Chile Pepperoni Funnel Cake

Funnel cake doesn’t need any fixing as it’s become a staple on beachside boardwalks and state fairs nationwide but the New Mexico State Fair recently spiced it up by topping the classic strolling snack with green chile and pepperoni.

Mac & Cheese Egg Roll

The Rollin’ Mac Daddy Egg Roll from Gobble Gobble was a hit at the Indiana State Fair this August and it isn’t hard to understand why. This creative comfort food combines hearty mac and cheese with pulled barbecue turkey inside of a crunchy egg roll.

It even comes with a side of cheese or BBQ sauce for dipping.