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Travel expert Mark Murphy is back and on location this week to share his latest experiences in the Dominican Republic and to dish on some of the latest industry headlines.

In episode 48, the TravelPulse founder discusses the latest travel warnings against the U.S. in wake of two mass shootings and reveals why travelers will fall in love with the all-new Hilton La Romana.

“While everyone’s talking about how dangerous it is to go to the Dominican Republic we have two mass shootings over the weekend. We have dozens killed. It’s horrendous. But what people fail to realize is that’s a weekend in Chicago. You never hear this in the news,” said Murphy.

“If 11 people died under ‘mysterious circumstances’ in the last 12 months in the DR, how many died last weekend in Chicago? Seven. Fifty-two people got shot. Put it in perspective.”

Later, Murphy gives a shoutout to this week’s social media losers.

Listen to episode 48 of “TravelPulse: The Intersection of Travel—Where Politics, Finance, and Travel Meet” in its entirety below:

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